Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie of the Month: Prom Wars

I usually enjoy a good highschool noir movie like 2005's "Brick" or 2008's "Assassination of a High School President." But this movie "Prom Wars" is indie and is just crazy enough to fit my current fancies. It has the perennial rich snob kid who buys his way out of everything and the likable funny guy that everyone can easily relate with. Plus it pits 2 private schools in a war to see who gets to take a hot girl's private school to their own respective proms. Its a good time so give it a watch!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Great (Well, not that "Great"...) Band War 2010

I like the Freelance Whales. Kim likes Ra Ra Riot. Though the bands have somewhat similar sounds, Freelance Whales is better. I don't have any actual facts to support this besides that Freelance Whales harmonize and use a banjo but I think these are a few things that set them apart. I already know what Kim will say," D: D: Ra Ra Riot is awesome and you're dumb if you don't like them." Touche', Kim... Touche'... -->Kev-O

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soooo, What the f*ck is a "Crystal Castle"...

I'll tell you "What the f*ck is a "Crystal Castle". I doubt Kim has heard of these guys though it seems like she has heard of everyone ever.
I'd have to throw this band onto a "on a whim" pile of my music collection. I mean, they sound pretty unique and somewhat aggressive with their thumping drums, 8-bit sounds, and lead singer Alice Glass (What a cool name!, I know). So, give it a listen (it's one of their older tracks) if you're feelin' synthy! Also, watch Spartacus. The best show till True Blood! --> Kev-O

Friday, April 16, 2010

Where's North from here?

Well, a proper greetings is always necessary so I guess I'll just skip it for now. LCD Soundsystem just released their 3rd studio album "This is Happening" and likely last studio album from them. I personally only liked LCD Soundsystems instant classics like "Someone Great" and "All my Friends" but this album sounds like the actual winner when it comes to my current taste in music.... But my taste changes as much as a 14 year old girl going on her first date. ---> Kev-O