Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to The Streets

Its simple. At 4 o'clock today, Mike Skinner from The Streets is gonna punch you in the face. I love british rap and I love The Streets. This may be his last hurrah under that name but at least he's going out in violent style. By the way, watch the "PhoneShop," a hilarious situational comedy out of England. You won't regret it.---> Kevin O

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Somebody Pleaseeee Sign: Baby Monster

Are you kidding me??!!??! How in the name of Odin is Baby Monster not signed?? I mean, after I heard "Curses" I was completely sold on the synth and percussion yet Bieber-mania still sweeps the nation. ----> Kevin O

Seriously, dude... Seriously.....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soooo, What the f*ck is a "Crystal Castle"... (Part Deux)

I went to a Crystal Castles concert. Yes, I did. You should too. It was fun, thrilling, and pound for the pound one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I suggest to all of you hipsters that if you haven't seen them yet, please do. Don't waste time or effort of even thinking about it. They are one of few "must see" acts left alive. By the way, if you see Kiam be nice to her and send her my regards. She missed this one for school related reasons... ---> Kevin O

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crave You - Flight Facilities + Friendly Fires (Aeroplane Remix)

If you haven't heard this song yet you apparently have no idea whats going on in music today. This is exactly what happens when 2 songs and 1 good DJ get together.

Kevin O

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hate customer service.

So today a bunch of stuff happened, and when I say "bunch of stuff" I mean I had to call my dumb school to pay for crap. So, I was waiting on hold and then after being transferred to a bunch of departments for THREE AND A HALF HOURS and one of the people I had the pleasure of speaking with sounded exactly Porky the Pig, so I had a hard time concentrating on what he was actually trying to say. I wanted to ask him if he liked bacon. Anyway, while I was waiting, some crazy guy holds up the Discovery Channel building place. Basically goes crazy because of the promotion of disgusting human babiiiiiiiiiies!

Here is his manifesto:

Apparently the guy was a squirrel in human form. It all makes sense.

When I was younger, my mom would buy a huge, huuuuge bag of peanuts and my brother and I would go outside to feed the squirrels. It was pretty awesome, the blue jays would swoop down right as the squirrel would be going after the peanut and the squirrel would be left feeling all defeated. But then we'd throw another one at it and it would be all happy.

It was all fun and games until one day some squirrels came in through the open garage door and sat himself in the pile of peanuts and started eating them all. To get him out was another chore. Then we just had to go and brag to all his little squirrely friends about the feast he had. I get back from school to find a hole chewed through the screen of the window of the garage door and peanuts shells all over the floor. Squirrels literally broke into my house, had a party and trashed the place, and then left. After that we never bought any more peanuts. Suck it squirrels.

That squirrel man was probably still angry about it, 10 years later.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Try it On": A "Me-Seeing Interpol Live" Eulogy

Well, another year goes by and I wanted to see Interpol live. I, of course, was dismayed a little because the last time I saw them at the "U" it was extremely disappointing (a very unfocused show with no encore). So I bit the proverbial bullet and tried to get Kiam to go with me.(She said no because apparently she was dyeing her hair or some other reason for which I don't believe.) So, it was just me and a buddy of mine for this presumably lackluster event. Well, they opened with "Success" which is off their new self-titled album and dropped a few others interspersed between the fan favorites and hits but the only one that stuck in my mind was "Try it On." Which, of course, proved again how if Interpol went in the direction of using synth and less in the more traditional direction of rock music they would have prospered. Awwwwwwwww well, not a bad concert but it finalizes my retirement from seeing them live. It was fun, boys, but we have to move on. I still remember that bassline to "Untitled" almost ten years ago....

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yeah sooo... I've been meaning to make this blog even more awesome with my posts and stuff... and then I forgot. I'll blame A.D.D. for that. My B. As to posting something that's significant... well I don't have any of that today. So I guess I'll just talk about The Hood Internet concert that I went to yesterday. For those who haven't heard of them (probably including Kevin), they're a mash-up duo. If I could give cool links I would, but instead I have youtube links.

Both of these were played yesterday. Horray! There was also a guest appearance of a super drunk guy. I'm not just talking about the ones who are like "HURRRRRRRR I'M GOING TO KINDA THRUST AROUND AND SAY I'M DANCING!" but I mean the ones who kinda just stand in the middle of the floor not moving and staring at you while drool drips from the side of their mouths. Yeah, those kinds. He kinda stumbled towards me and extended his hand. I'm like "well... I can't leave him hanging that would be kind douche of me.. so I guess.. I'll... shake his hand...?" so I shake it and he still kinda stands there and kinda stumbles closer with his mouth hanging open twisted into some kind of weird blobby grin, similar to how someone who brushed their teeth with numbing cream would smile.

His friend realizes and feels bad that the guy he was with turned into a zombie and tried to direct his attention away but then drooling zombie guy pushed him and in the scuffle I dipped out by ducking under drooling zombie guy's arm and made my way to the other side of the place.

Moral of the story: The Hood Internet is awesome.