Friday, April 23, 2010

The Great (Well, not that "Great"...) Band War 2010

I like the Freelance Whales. Kim likes Ra Ra Riot. Though the bands have somewhat similar sounds, Freelance Whales is better. I don't have any actual facts to support this besides that Freelance Whales harmonize and use a banjo but I think these are a few things that set them apart. I already know what Kim will say," D: D: Ra Ra Riot is awesome and you're dumb if you don't like them." Touche', Kim... Touche'... -->Kev-O

1 comment:

  1. Ra Ra Riot capitalizes on a larger variety of sting instruments which tickles ma fancy, however, I Freelance Whales tickles me a bit more with their experimental sound.

    My vote: Freelance Whales over Ra Ra Riot... Sorry Nancy. ;P