Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Try it On": A "Me-Seeing Interpol Live" Eulogy

Well, another year goes by and I wanted to see Interpol live. I, of course, was dismayed a little because the last time I saw them at the "U" it was extremely disappointing (a very unfocused show with no encore). So I bit the proverbial bullet and tried to get Kiam to go with me.(She said no because apparently she was dyeing her hair or some other reason for which I don't believe.) So, it was just me and a buddy of mine for this presumably lackluster event. Well, they opened with "Success" which is off their new self-titled album and dropped a few others interspersed between the fan favorites and hits but the only one that stuck in my mind was "Try it On." Which, of course, proved again how if Interpol went in the direction of using synth and less in the more traditional direction of rock music they would have prospered. Awwwwwwwww well, not a bad concert but it finalizes my retirement from seeing them live. It was fun, boys, but we have to move on. I still remember that bassline to "Untitled" almost ten years ago....

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  1. I love Interpol, I just posted a blog on them too haha.